Our daughter, Eden, is 7 years old and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer in April 2021.

We are fundraising for a revolutionary treatment that improves survival and reduces the chances of relapse but is only available in the USA and costs hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If Eden can achieve remission of this cancer, this fundraiser will help us pursue this revolutionary treatment and improve her chances of survival.

The day we got the news our world fell apart. Our usually happy, smiley and polite little girl was being eaten from the inside by this aggressive form of cancer. Neuroblastoma is a highly aggressive rare children's cancer and affects only about 100 children a year. Treatments are devastating to the body and consist of chemotherapy, surgery, high-dose chemotherapy, radiotherapy and Immunotherapy. Current survival rates are less than 50% and, despite Eden facing all of these treatments, she keeps smiling and is always polite and uses her manners all the time.

For children lucky enough to get rid of this cancer, 60% relapse and are faced with an even tougher fight to stay alive.

Please donate, share your ideas, join in but more importantly share this website with your friends and family and let's kick this cancers butt.

Thank you.

Eden's Army 2022